On and upwards?! A question for you all

Some of you who follow me on Twitter will by now have heard today’s exciting news, which is the launch of my new blog. Having launched teleskopos only just over a year ago, my main blogging efforts are now migrating over to The H Word on the Guardian Science Blogs network.

The H Word: Higgitt & Heggie is a joint effort with Vanessa Heggie. Today we launched with an introductory post from me – History of Science: Putting the ‘H’ in The H Word – and a rant (her words!) from Vanessa on attitudes forward the history of sex testing at the Olympic games.

I will, of course, continue to blog over on the Longitude Project Blog, and I will cross-post. The question is where: here or  Whewell’s Ghost? And should I cross-post from The H Word – again, here or WG? Like Thony in his recent open question on the future of The Giant’s Shoulders, I want to canvass views.

The main reasons for cross-posting would be to continue this (or WG) as a live blog. This is partly for sentimental reasons, partly because I may have things to say that I don’t feel I want to share with the wider Guardian readership and, chiefly, because I feel there is nice community here that comments intelligently. Are there people here, with sensible and interesting things to say, who would rather have a discussion here (or WG) than on the Guardian site?


2 thoughts on “On and upwards?! A question for you all

  1. Personally, I think crossposts on blogs are a Bad Thing. This is an advantage of usenet: a crosspost to an arbitrary number of groups has the same message-ID, so people who follow more than one group it is in will, by default, see it only once (by default, one sees only what one has not read, and once read anywhere, this message-ID is set to read).

    If you really need more than one blog, at most post a link to a post on another blog, and don’t allow any comments on the link.

  2. I try to keep things simple by checking out here every-once in a while. But always going to be difficult to find a solution that fits everyone so I can adapt.

    I only comment in places I am comfortable. Dyslexic takes me two weeks to proof anything I write so comments are an ill spelled rambling stream at times (its my start point with writing as is the case with many of my kind)

    I have almost stopped commenting here and R.M. as for some reason It wont accept my e mail and name so I have to log into wordpress and link to my blog.

    I prefer not to do that as my blog is an un-proof read collection of notes rather than something intended for wide consumption;linking from an unproof read rambling comment it starts to look even worse.

    Not encountered it here but do on the odd occasion get a patronizing comment if i contribute to a discussion by someone driving by who clearly has no academic background whatsoever in the subjects I study but can’t see past my presentation pitfalls and gets over confident with a subject they have clearly never read. Can be a bit irritating, although I am also perfectly capable of saying something stupid, but then its good to be pulled up and learn something.

    Commentating on a national newspaper site, not confident enough to do that and its a useful personal exercise to comment on occasion even if it may not be particularly
    useful for others at times as it can be difficult to read or can appear off topic as I work through things in a slightly different way.

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